Escape the Productivity Trough: Using MyGlue to Improve Business Processes

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  • Escape the Productivity Trough

No matter how good your processes are, they can always be better. And what can you accomplish when exceptional processes are consistently at the forefront of your priorities? The opportunities are endless.

First and foremost, you need to leverage a tool that helps you get the most out of your processes. MyGlue allows you to not only document passwords and processes to improve your efficiency, but it allows you to collaborate with your IT provider and reduce any friction that stems from needing their assistance.

Less searching, more doing

Think about the kind of processes that your organization has in place. Do they require you to consistently search for information? Are the processes written down somewhere for any employee to access, or are they stored in the heads of only a few senior employees?

When those processes are taken and stored in a secure and central location, all of your team members will benefit. No longer will colleagues have to rely on one another to complete a task, when they can simply find the process documentation stored in MyGlue.

Communicating with your IT provider

What kind of pain points do you experience that you find you’re consistently having to reach out to your IT provider to solve? Having to do that takes time, especially when it’s regarding issues that you could likely very quickly take care of on your own.

It doesn’t have to be this way. MyGlue offers a tool for collaboration between you and your IT provider, meaning they can share passwords and processes with you that make going about your job a whole lot easier, and with fewer hiccups. Think about what areas you’re consistently requiring support from. Are there passwords that continuously need to be reset? When your IT provider shares the necessary process with you, it allows you to increase your self-sufficiency and streamline your processes.

Process-oriented features

MyGlue also comes equipped with a variety of features that will help you directly develop and build out your business processes so that your team is always operating at the highest degree of efficiency. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Never overlook the power of checklists. In fact, checklists are so powerful, and so necessary that we created a feature specifically for them. By creating checklists in MyGlue, you can assign different components of a task or process to the specific employee responsible for carrying it out. Therefore, you also ensure that the necessary employees are accountable for the complete and accurate finished product. Mistakes are easy to make, but using checklists minimizes the risk of one taking place at all.

Creating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for different processes has countless benefits for your organization. Think about training new staff – if you had SOPs documented in MyGlue, you reduce that amount of time your senior staff members have to spend training the new person. They can get up to speed faster, and know that if they ever need to double check how to complete a task, it’s already written.

What kinds of SOPs can you create? Pretty much anything! If there’s a trick for getting your coffee machine up and running again, document it in MyGlue. The same goes for any processes carried out within different departments or your organization as a whole.

Workflows is an awesome way for members of your team to stay up to date on the tasks they need to complete. If a document is flagged as being in need of an update, for example, a workflow can be triggered that will notify the right person to complete that task.

Our Flags feature is a perfect way for you to keep track of the information you document in MyGlue. For example, you can create different flags like “incomplete” or “needs review” so that finding and managing SOPs and other process documentation is a breeze.

MyGlue is a powerful tool to improve your business processes, collaborate with your IT provider, and secure your team-based passwords. Start taking advantage of MyGlue by contacting your IT provider today.

MyGlue is a documentation system, designed to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). MyGlue gives you the ability to document your key assets and processes in a single location. Granular security means you can control who sees, edits and owns each document. MyGlue – if it’s worth doing, it’s worth documenting.